SAINT | SSD    Peace \\ Security \\ Development

The bigger picture. In today’s globalised world the themes of peace, geopolitical instability, crisis, development, risk, security, corruption and criminality are deeply intertwined.

A poacher illegally hunts protected animals to provide for his family, but his actions may have global implications.

He’s potentially contributing to the organised crime supply chain, perhaps inadvertently helping fund terrorism, contributing to the destruction of endangered species and natural habitats, in turn undermining development projects, and directly impacting communities and their livelihoods.

His actions may take away the very future he seeks to give.

Cause and effect. This is the conundrum of the Security-Development Nexus.


Based in Europe, with a presence in Australasia, SAINT | SSD is a technical assistance facilitator for:

  • International Policing
  • Security Sector Governance & Reform (SSG/R)
  • Security Risk Analysis
  • International Crisis Management
  • Humanitarian Security
  • FCAS Development


Our focus relates to people – the Human Dimension – and their interrelationship to Peace, Security, and Development. To do so, we make active use of Human Security coordination, Human Domain analysis, and Human Relations strategies.

    • Human Dimension is the who – the contextual understanding and consideration of human factors, behaviours, and societal dynamics.
    • Human Security is the what we seek to achieve, the “freedom from want, fear, and indignity“, (as reflected in the UN SDGs).
    • The Human Domain is the where the means of viewing and understanding a target population as an operational domain, through the utilisation of Human Geography, Sociocultural Anthropology, and Geopolitical research tools.
    • Human Relations is the how – the strategy of interaction, engagement and effective communication with the target population or organisation.


Collectively these themes contribute towards the holistic interplay between meaningful peace, security and development – our approach to the Security-Development Nexus.

  • cater to need, aspiration and benefit
  • assist with self-sustainable participation, local ownership and self-determination
  • solutions and outcome orientation
  • do no harm principle
  • intergovernmental agencies
  • state security sector
  • state development agencies
  • non-governmental and civil society organisations (NGOs/CSOs)
  • private sector

To provide a quality, professional and comprehensive service of the highest possible standard.

Ethical, culturally-aware and socially responsible.

Service Ethos:
  • Professionalism
  • Discretion
  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Quality
  • Flexibility

Our Director

Simon de Saint-Claire, PhD is a facilitator and pracademic for the Security-Development Nexus.

A former New Zealand Army Officer, for over a decade Simon sub-contracted to the United Nations Secretariat providing field-based strategic services. Since 2002 he has provided consultancy, facilitation and research to intergovernmental actors, national police authorities, state development agencies, international police missions, technical assistance NGOs, and the Private Security Sector.

Simon has an interdisciplinary academic and research background in International Relations, with a focus on: geopolitics and international security; social and behavioural science.

Dr. Simon de Saint-Claire