Subject Matter Consultancy & Training Facilitation

Over the past two decades society has gained unprecedented access to the world through enabling communication technology (internet, mobile phones, video chat, social media) and cheap, fast international travel. However this ease of access poses its own challenges regarding language and culture.

SAINT | SSD has put together a number of courses to address different aspects of these challenges:

Intercultural Communication: Exploring the interaction between people from different cultures, of which language and cross-cultural understanding play a major role. You’ll build skills specifically aimed at managing intercultural understanding today’s global society.


Strategic Communication: Can be defined as policy-making and guidance for consistent information activity within an organisation and an external audience. The course explores aspects of media, public relations and image.


Communication and Conflict: You’ll learn to strengthen your interpersonal and professional relationships by constructively addressing conflicts between individuals and within organisations. You’ll explore how competing interests and goals, power imbalances, and other factors influence the nature of conflict and management strategies.

Mission English: Mission-related [English] Language, Intercultural Communication, International Police Cooperation, Security Sector Reform and Peacekeeping themes.


Police Communication (ESP): Police-related [English] Language, Intercultural Communication, domestic and transnational police oriented themes.