Police Communication & Cultural Competence (ESP)

Skills Development:

  • fluency in language, vocabulary and specialist terminology
  • confidence
  • social etiquette
  • listening skills
  • influence skills
  • responding to conflict
  • service orientation
  • assertiveness skills
  • negotiation, mediation and diplomacy
  • facilitation
  • report writing; business and technical writing
  • public speaking, effective presentation



This course has been developed to provide Police Officers with the language skills necessary for carrying out the different aspects of their profession in English.

The course highlights police terminology used in international law enforcement with an emphasis on active communication, fluency and usage. The programme focuses on practical usage of Police English whether that be on patrol (radio procedure and navigation), command situations (orders and briefings), the control room and call-centre (telephone skills), passport control (questioning), interviewing witnesses (statements and reports), V.I.P. & Close Protection (tactical issues), international relations, as well as diplomacy and official meetings (liaison and negotiation).

For many participants this seminar will be the first formal English training in police specific language. To make it clear from the start, this programme is not Oxford English training, it is not about learning grammar, nor is it about making small talk and polite conversation – most of all, it is not a holiday away from the usual routine of police work.


To provide police personnel with a solid foundation in communication-based general and specialised Police English.

Result Orientated

In this programme, to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount time, you will be actively introduced into an environment simulating aspects of your normal police work – communicating entirely in English Essentially “learning by doing”, concentrating on using the language rather than perfection.

The lessons are theme-based, exposing you to targeted English in use and providing necessary background knowledge in your area of interest: operational requirements; personnel and department management; international law enforcement and differing police methodology; crime; diplomacy, mediation and negotiation; international relations; cross-cultural organisation and working relations; football hooliganism etc.

The result is a varied programme that includes classed-based academic lessons, discussion, group assignments and presentations, role-plays and simulations – complimented by audio-visual presentations and social interaction. The focus is to encourage and provide as many opportunities for you practice speaking in English, whether that be in the class environment, dining room or cantina, and although guided by the trainer, with a minimum of “lecturing”.

Teaching Materials and Resources

Programme materials has been sourced from UNICRI; UNODC; UN DPKO (OROLSI, UNPOL, Integrated Training Service, Best Practises Section); Peace Operations Training Institute; OSCE Policing; International Centre for the Prevention of Crime; British Home Office; British Council; McMillan Press onestopenglish and Guardian Unlimited; as well as a wealth of self-produced original materials – utilising online, multi-media and printed resources.


This programme, designed specifically for the German Police, reflects the success of the “total immersion” concept used in past Police English and Mission Training, whilst focusing on the specialist skills required for domestic and international law enforcement and management.



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